Terms and Conditions

Repair Service is no longer provided.

Where there is no fault apparent, and you are unable to provide additional information to help to identify the problem, you will be notified to collect your item. Please be advised that, to complete a repair, we may be required to update or install software / firmware. It is recommended that you have all data backed up before you book your item in for repair, otherwise data may be lost, and we will not be held responsible for this). Your item will be examined before any repair is carried out, (this normaly can take up to 1 working day.

Most repairs carried out, come with a 28 day warranty starting after three days from completion date.
The warranty covers only the fault that was originally repaired, not any other faults that may occur at a later date. The warranty does not cover "accidental damage", "misuse" or "software" that results in the same or another fault.

If in the event your item develops the same fault that was previously repaired, you will be refunded the full repair amount.

Replacement parts needed for completion of the repair job, may lead to delays in starting the repair, as we are reliant on the post.

When bringing in an item for repair, we only require the item itself unless otherwise stated. If you choose to leave accessories for your item that we did NOT request, then you are doing so at your own risk.

You will not be charged an inspection fee if your item can't be repaired or cost of repair is above the estimate repair price. Once we begin the repair, and you decide for what ever reason to cancel it, you could be charged the full amount of the repair price depending on the amount of work and type of repair that was being carrired out on your item. If cost of repair is more than the item is worth, then this is regarded as unrepairable and you will not be required to pay any inspection fee. Failing to collect after 90 days of the completion date, you may be required to pay a storage charge of £50.

All repairs must be collected within 180 days of completion. If it is not collected within this time, we reserve the right to sell your item to recover costs incurred in repairing it, or dispose of item.